PS3/PS4 Controller – In-depth Comparison

We have been swooning over the PS4 for some time now. The PS4 is set to revolutionize gaming from everything we have gathered till now. So, how far does the DualShock 4 differ from our companion of seven years, the DualShock 3? Let’s find out. The fundamental difference that has been affected in the DualShock … Read more

Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Ghosts – In-depth Comparison

With the ongoing war of the consoles, the battle on the First Person Shooter front has been relegated to the back of our minds. But don’t worry. We are here for that specific purpose. To keep you updated and in touch with recent and interesting developments and trivia that may have escaped your oversight. The … Read more

PS4 VS Xbox One: In-depth Comparison

Comparison of specs and other add-ons between the PS4 and Xbox One are abound after the reveal of Microsoft’s next gen console on May 21. Here is our take on it. Although the full details have not been revealed about the PS4, we can undertake a speculative comparison with the Xbox One. Hardware The first … Read more