You Wouldn’t Believe What Rockstar Announced For GTA VI

Since the popular release of GTA V in September 2013, fans of Rockstar Games have been kept in the dark about the details of the next installment of the series. Related Video: GTA VI: Six Things That Will Make It The Best Game Ever Many fans have speculated that GTA V would be the last … Read more

Grocery Shopping with Ken from Street Fighter

When these video game stars aren’t too busy kicking ass in the game, they also do normal stuff like we regular humans do. They like to shop for groceries but seem to have trouble when they run into each other.. Turns out, they just want to be left alone like any other celebrity.

Choose Wisely

We want you to choose wisely a weapon you would prefer to have by your side if there ever is a Zombies Apocalypse.

Winter Is The Best For Gaming

Call me crazy but i’s true. Nobody have time for the hotness. I prefer winter over summer all day. The image  above will show how gamer feel during summer and winter.

Your Team and the Enemy Team

This always happen, especially when they put you on a random lobby with a bunch of noobs. Sometime you wish they give you the option in multiplayer to play with the bots instead. Does that ever happen to you?

How Gaming Changed Everything…

Remember back then all we needed was a park, friends and a ball? Well thanks to the video games industry everything has changed.