Bungie Gave New Destiny Information At GDC 2013

Bungie calls their brand-new IP, Destiny, the next great action shooter. Bungie is proud of what they have created in the Halo universe, but they compare Halo to pipelines. Bungie wants to create a game that millions of players can visit again and again in the next 10 years — that’s how Destiny starts. Today at GDC, … Read more

Battlefield 4 to reveal next week

Update: EA has revealed an invitation confirms that the event will officially  unveil Battlefield 4 next week. EA is preparing to unveil Battlefield 4 later this month. The publisher has already sending out  Invitations to the members. Recently, an invitation were sent to IGN saying “save the date” The invitation also has the unveil date, second day of GDC … Read more