PS Vita Remote Play May Not Be As Great As Originally Advertised

Sony has been hyping the connectivity options between the PS Vita and their console lineup and are set to make it even more pronounced with the PlayStation 4. Remote Play will enable players to stream their PS4 games to their PlayStation Vita via WiFi. It’s been touted since the PlayStation 4’s announcement and now we … Read more

PlayStation 4 Launch Titles Announced

Sony, on the PlayStation Blog in their Ultimate FAQ, confirmed the list of games that will be available on day one for the PlayStation 4. These are the games that, if you are in North America, will be able to buy and play next Friday on a shiny new console. Some will be physical and … Read more

PS4 Won’t Support Media Servers or DLNA Functionality

From the Ultimate FAQ for the PlayStation 4 Sony released on the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation 4 will not support client functionality for media servers or DLNA devices. It looks like Sony doesn’t want you using your console for media that isn’t purchased from them. A lot of support that was in the PlayStation 3 … Read more

Yes to Upgrading PlayStation 4 Hard Drive, No to External Hard Drive

Sony released an epic 160 question PlayStation FAQ on the US PlayStation blog that could answer all and any question you may or may not have about their upcoming console. Under the PS4 System Details, the FAQ explains about what will and will not be possible regarding extra storage for the PlayStation 4. Like the … Read more

PS4 Will Not Allow YouTube Video Sharing at Launch

According to the Ultimate FAQ Sony published on the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation 4 will not allow users to share videos via YouTube or copy recorded footage to other devices via HDMI cable. However, this is a limitation of the console at launch. These two questions do elaborate to keep following them for updates after … Read more