Mercedes Releases New DriveClub Teaser

A brand new DriveClub trailer for PS4 was unveiled recently by Evolution. The trailer highlighted some in-game footage and also announced that the game will be releasing on the 8th of October. Yesterday, Mercedes revealed another clip of the game featuring in-game versions of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black. It looks stunning. Earlier, Sony … Read more

Evolution Of PlayStation Graphics

When the PlayStation 3 first came out, at the time the games had amazing graphics. Everything was new and people were absolutely amazed at what the system was capable of. Fast forward a few years and you have even better graphics on the same console which no wonder had gamers all the more excited. And … Read more

The Evolution of Nathan Drake

Uncharted is one of the most beloved franchises on the PlayStation 3 and it’s amazing how much progress the series made on the same system during the course of three games that released on it. We can only imagine what kind of leap Naughty Dog will achieve now that the next Uncharted has been announced … Read more