Hackers threaten to take Pokemon Go offline with massive DDOS attack

Notorious hacker group Poodlecorp has issued a threat that it’ll be taking down the servers of the immensely popular AR mobile game Pokemon Go on August 1. The group intends to achieve this feat by using a series of DDos attacks aimed at the game’s servers. The group issued a small statement announcing the same … Read more

Eve Online And Dust 514 Servers Taken Down Due To DDoS Hack

CCP has taken down the servers for Eve Online and DUST 514 in response to “a significant and sustained” distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) hack, according to Eve Online’s Facebook page. The attack was centered on web servers and the Tranquility cluster, “which houses Eve Online and DUST 514.” Shortly after the discovery of the attack, the servers were taken offline. Although briefly reinstated, servers have once again … Read more