2K Games Reveals WWE 2K15: Hulkamania Edition

Any Hulkamania fans out there? 2K Games has revealed a limited edition of their upcoming game, WWE 2K15. The limited edition is known as the Hulkamania edition and features the wrestler, Hulk Hogan. Everyone knows Hulk Hogan, even if you don’t watch wrestling, the icon that made such an impact on the sport has to … Read more

Watch Dogs Vigilante Edition Unboxing Video

Ubisoft has posted an unboxing video for Watch Dogs. The video happens to be an unboxing of a special Vigilante Edition of the game. Though, this edition is exclusive to only Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Australia. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea as to what contents are included. So … Read more

Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition Revealed

Wolfenstein: The New Order┬áhas a new edition coming out during the video game release. This new edition is known as the Panzerhund Edition which interestingly enough, won’t actually include a copy of the game. Instead, this edition comes with a few items that can only be obtained through the purchase of this collectors Panzerhund Edition. … Read more

PlayStation 4 Box Contents Revealed

An image posted on Reddit has revealed the full box contents of the PlayStation 4. The most interesting addition is an HDMI cable which is bound to please gamers. The PS3 didn’t come bundled with an HDMI cable which prompted gamers to spend extra money buying it. But it’ll not be the case this time … Read more