E3’s Just A Waste of Money – Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinksi, certainly a name that most gamers are familiar with but those who are unaware, Bleszinksi happened to be a former director of Gears of War and Epic Games employee. Recently, Cliff Bleszinksi came out of retirement to once again, work on video games but his thoughts on E3 as of late may be … Read more

Cliff Bleszinski’s Development Studio Boss Key Revealed

Gears of War and Epic studios Cliff Bleszinski’s video game development studio has been revealed. The studio is known as Boss Key Productions. Though what their first video game will be based about is still unknown. We recently reported that Cliff was coming out of retirement to develop new video games. Though he has been … Read more

Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski Coming Out of Retirement

Cliff Bleszinski, mostly known for his work in Epic Games on the Gears of War series, has announced that he will be coming out of retirement to make video games once again. This comes from his official Twitter account and we can expect a big announcement next week. Cliff worked with Epic Games for over … Read more