PS4: “The World’s Most Powerful Console” video

Sony is not shy when it comes to calling out their competition and bragging about how amazing their PS4 console is. This commercial will be released to the Australian market, to tell consumers the power advantage they will have over other consoles. It even shows their exclusive games such as inFAMOUS: Second Son, WatchDogs, and … Read more

The Last of Us wins Amazon GOTY Award

Naughty Dog’s proved that they are the best developer out there, no doubt. With The Last of US which managed to receive outstanding positive reviews, it proved that they are one of the best. Amazon has revealed  its “Best of 2013” list for video games, and  The Last of Us happen to be top dog in there. The … Read more

6 PS3 Exclusives You Should Play

With the PS4 all over the news we seem to have relegated our erstwhile companion for so many years, the PS3, to the back of our minds. The PS3 provided us with so many games to fill up our leisure time that it is almost impossible to play all the games that have been released … Read more