Crysis 3: Psycho Is Back, Nano-Suit Powers, Side Missions, And More

New Crysis 3 details have been leaked from a gaming magazine Playbox. The magazine suggests that Crysis 3 will not be the last installment in the Sci-Fi FPS franchise. It also states that Crysis 3 will feature all new side missions, new nano suit powers, new factions, and the return of Psycho. According to the magazine, Steven Hall … Read more

CRYSIS 3 Setting, Sandbox FPS, And More

      Additional details of Crytek’s upcoming FPS title ‘Crysis 3′ have been revealed. The details suggest that the game will once again take place in the Urban Jungle of New York offering the best Sandbox FPS experience on the market. We can guess that  New York City will be devastated by an unknown disaster, which … Read more