Supergiant Explains How DS4 Lightbar Will Work With Transistor

Supergiant Games explained how the DualShock 4 will be used in their next game transistor. They explain in a post on the PlayStation blog that the LED light on the controller will flash in sync with the voice over from the titular Transistor.

Much like their previous outing Bastion, Transitor’s story is driven by the “dynamic narration” provided by Red’s sword, the Transistor. When it speaks the blue light will pulse on the controller to match the sounds coming fro the screen. Creative Director Greg Kasavin explains:

“This flashing effect not only helps out main character stand out amid the colorful futuristic scenery, but because of it you instantly infer that the voice you’re hearing must be coming from that weird computer sword Red’s carrying around.

“Our use of the light bar took nothing more than a quick conversation and maybe a couple of hours of engineering time. But to me it’s a microcosm of our development process. If we can pull together little touches like this spontaneously and often, then Transistor will be filled with them. And I feel strongly that the small stuff in games – those fun and interesting little details you notice in your favorites – are just as important as the big stuff.

“It’s what gives the best games their distinctive character and personality, and it’s the stuff you end up remembering long after you’ve finished playing.”

The team is also looking into using the speaking on the DualShock 4 controller. Transistor is scheduled to come to the PlayStation 4 early next year.