Star Wars Battlefront Releasing Alongside Episode VII

News of when we can play the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront video game has been very hush hush. Though the recent investor call EA held has revealed when the idea release date will be for the game.

EA executive VP Patrick Sonderlund held an investor call this week. During the call, Patrick was asked about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront video game and just when the game would be releasing. Though no release date is set in stone, Patrick did reveal that the company would like to release the game close to the release of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film.

What we’re building is more rooted in the traditional Star Wars universe and not so much necessarily linked to the movies being made. And that’s just because we wanted to make a game that celebrated the history of Star Wars.

Obviously there will be things in there that are somewhat tied to the new movie. I wouldn’t say that we have a particular tie to the movie. Now, obviously we would prefer to be close to the movie, but I wouldn’t say that we’re directly tied to it.

We’re very curious as to what ties the game will have with Episode VII as Patrick does seem to hint around the subject. Currently, J.J. Abrams stated that he would like to release Star Wars VII sometime in the summer of 2015.