Sony Reveals New Rewards Program With PSN Purchases

Previously Sony’s Rewards program would only award points for PSN purchases with a Sony credit card, but now they have expanded it to all purchases made on the PlayStation Store and Sony Store. Also select purchases of Sony-related purchases from select online retailers.

To be eligible you first need to link your PlayStation ID with a Sony Rewards account or create one and then connect it. Then you will earn one point for every dollar you spend on the PlayStation Store and the same in the Sony Store. Purchases of PlayStation related products bought online from GameStop, BestBuy, Wal-mart and Target through the Sony Rewards portal. A PlayStation card will grant you bonus points when made with these purchases.

Every 1000 points equals $10 PSN credit and the points needed for other rewards like PS+ memberships and games are about the same as their dollar price tag.

This is for US members only. You can sign up here and will get 100 points if you sign up by November 12th.