Sony On PS4 Developer Support

The PS4 has taken pleasure of strong press coverage, and a developer acclaimed buzz in the gaming industry. Sony has also announced the launch titles and the long list of developer support that they acquired for the PS4.

The industry has changed in many ways in the past few years. Ever since the PlayStation exclusive franchises have gone multi-platform and the increase in development, the cost is not helping as it should.

The PlayStation 3 got multiple inferior versions of multi-platform titles. For example, Bayonetta, but Sony has done what they can, churning out exclusives and also taking the risks with new IP’s from their first party studios.

Fergal Gara, was asked if exclusive games or optimized multiplatform games will be the way to go for the PS4, he replied: ” I think content will always matter. It’s one of the reasons why it’s essential to have first-party studios.”