Sony Exec Says Wii U’s Lead Won’t Beat The PS4


During an interview with joystiq, Rohde affirm that Sony  next home console  PS4 will be better than the Wii U. After that,Down below you can read the interview.

“As we learned in the last hardware generation and the generation before that, being the first out of the gate in terms of launching hardware can mean the difference between first and third place. SCEA Senior VP of Product Development and worldwide studios Scott Rohde, however, isn’t worried about the potential for Wii U to lead the next hardware generation due to its launch lead.
“Not at all. That’s the simple answer,” he told Joystiq in an interview this week. “In very similar fashion to the way I’m talking about game development,” he said, referencing Sony’s hands-off approach to internal game development. “We have a very strong vision in what we believe we’re gonna do for the next generation. And we’re not talking about it at all yet,” he added with a smile.

As we all know, Nintendo revealed their Next gen console last year during E3 2011, but it’s not a problem for Sony, as the tittle says, Sony Exec Says Wii U’s Lead Won’t help  Beat The PS4.But the next xbox might be a doubt for Sony, but not Nintendo Wii U.

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