Sony been developing PlayStation 4 since August 2010

Surprise! Playstation 4 has been in development since August 2010

According to the online CV of an ex-SCEA R&D director, Sony has been developing the “Playstation 4” since August 2010.

Attila Vass at  LinkedIn claims that he began working on the graphics library and security on the “Next Generation PlayStation” in August 2010.

In vass profile  mentioned he work on PlayStation Vita separately, suggesting that the ‘next generation PlayStation’

Vast profile also mention

“In 1998 I started as the first engineer in the Playstation US R&D,”

“I worked on graphics ( COLLADA, PSGL ) and a lot of network related technologies ( advertising, telemetry, PVRs ) for the Playstation2-x, PSP, Vita and Next Generation platforms (Playstation 4). Platform security was occupying most of my time at the last years… ”

“If you can build a better machine and it’s going to come out a little bit later,” he continued, “that’s better than rushing something to market that’s going to run out of gas for the long term.”


Sound like Jack Tretton knows all along, as he mentioned Playstation 4: “We’ve Never Been First, Never Been Cheapest” 

You can view  the image CV  suggests  SCEA’s ex-R&D director work on the “next generation PlayStation”  2 years ago. Leave a comment let us know your thoughts about this  in the comment section down below