Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – Review Round Up

Here are the latest reviews and scores for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

The whole “undercover cop gets in too deep” storyline has been done a million times in both games and movies, to the point where it’s hard to watch a hardboiled detective story unfold without rolling your eyes and facetiously predicting the plot. “He’s a bad guy,” you say, as the veteran actor with the “and…” billing is introduced as either the hero’s mentor, superior or weirdly older friend. “Here comes the ‘difficult moral choice’”, you remark glibly, as the hero is forced to choose between his brother cops and the criminal family he has come to respect. “I bet he’s gonna die next,” you sneer, as your other half silently weighs the pros and cons of your relationship in their head.

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In a gaming sphere that currently adores sandbox and open world games, too few gamers would recognise the name Wei Shen. Sleeping Dogs' lead is a troubled character who makes the likes of Aiden Pearce seem annoyingly lacking in the personality department, and the aforementioned title that our chaotic cop comes from is often similarly overlooked.

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