Rumor: The Last of Us 2 Image Teased

The image was released from a Naughty Dog artist. Could this image be a teaser of a possible The Last of Us 2 video game or is it just wishful thinking? We have the latest details on the image released online.

So this image that may be making its rounds online is from a Naughty Dog artist Marek Okon. Marek posted the image on his Facebook account saying “Let me teaser you something…it’s coming.” However, the image quickly caught on fire with gamers assuming the image was a teaser for The Last of Us 2.

Marek started to extinguish the flames by releasing details to Kotaku. Marek stated the following about the image.

“The Image you are referring to is a strictly personal one, just loosely based on The Last of Us universe. I guess you can say it’s a fan art.”

So it’s still unclear, perhaps this was a prototype of a more grown up Ellie that was released ahead of time or again maybe it truly is just fan art. Regardless, The Last of Us was a huge success and it’s extremely likely that Naughty Dog will revisit the universe for a second video game in the series.

For further details, stay tuned right here on PSG!