Road Not Taken Review

Players best tread lightly in Spryfox’s new puzzler, Road Not Taken, as it’s one of the hardest so far for the next gen console!

Set in a remote blizzard in a land far from our own, players don the role of a ranger who get’s jumped by weird genital shaped enemies in the opening scene. You hitch a boat ride to a small town who’s population is only dropping, where you meet strangers most missing their children.


You’re missions are puzzled based adventures to try and find the children before they die in the storm. Grim right?
What’s your skill that makes you so different? You can manhandle objects and people just by waving your wand, but only four at a time; this is already a game suited for the more touchy feely players among our growing population.

It’s hard though!

Your missions in the cold wilderness are very, very unforgiving. You don’t have life, you have energy. You have a certain amount of moves in the chess like gameplay which is nothing new to anyone with a decent childhood, (or those who have experience a power-cut).


The most intimidating and difficult aspect of the gameplay is planning ahead, you can’t willy nilly grab children, this isn’t the eighties any more; you have to plan your route else you’ll be running out of energy and quickly falling down in the blizzard.

Players can’t just drop objects either, I have spent frustrating hours throwing a child from one corner of the screen to the next, in the end I got annoyed, and well the kid can just freeze his nuts off. Also you sometimes have to match objects together, either to unblock a path or to unlock the next area; the bright side is well… I don’t really know.

This is one of the hardest games I’ve ever played, and I’ve played the original Rayman. I know I’m adventurous. It’s a single player game so of course it’s limited and trophies are hard to come by. Sorry guys. But the art side is very pretty and amusing, if nothing else players will feel they’ve spent several hours on It’s A Small World After All, just with creepier music.