Report: PS3 Surpasses Xbox 360’s Worldwide


This is a great news for Sony.  We all know the Xbox 360 has been ahead and top PlayStation 3 in the global sales since the PS3 was released back in 2006. Today on a report,  according to a new forecast by Games Industry International, the PlayStation 3 has finally and officially top the XBOX 360 and  take the lead in  worldwide shipped.

Last year November PlayStation 3 managed to sold 70 million Worldwide  after 35 days  Microsoft confirmed  Xbox 360 has sales over 70 Million.  “Sony’s PS3 managed to surpass the number of Xbox 360s shipped worldwide (about 77 million vs. 76 million), fact is PS3 launching a year later.” Note  these figures were shipped and not sold to consumers.

The playstation 3  launched November 2006 and the Xbox 360  launched  November of 2005, the Xbox 360 has being holding the spotlight for years.