Quantic Dream Developing A PS4 Game Called “Singularity”

On a report today show Quantic Dream has registered a domain for a PS4 game  called singularity.”

The domain name is SingularityPS4.com. It was registered back in November suggesting the name of Quantic Dream’s new development “Kara” tech demo. David Cage sources the android Kara’s back story from Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is Near. They have  a variety of similarity domain registered by Quantic such as HeavyRainPS3.com and BeyondPS3.com which indicate the platform name and the developer. Same as SingularityPS4.com have indicate the next platform name which will refer for the name of the PlayStation 4.

We  believe singularity will be a PS4 title. However, it is unlikely this Singularity game have some sort of subtitle due to a conflict with Activision’s existing trademark,Raven Software’s FPS which was  released last year.  We’ll keep an eyes open on this development.