PS4 & PS Vita Bundle “Becoming More Real By The Week”

According to Sony’s UK Managing Director Fergal Gara the PlayStation 4/Ps Vita bundle could become a real possibility. OPM asked Gara directly if it exists or if it is likely. This was based on earlier, slightly wishy washing comments made at Gamescom.

Referring to Sony’s PS4/Assassin’s Creed 4 demo at that show Gara said, Well a couple of things have evolved about sine then. I think that clearly demonstrating what the teo machines do when they come together was a big step and I think Gamescom was a key moment for that.”

He went on that the reaction from the stage demo and “upsurge in Vita sales immediately following” was an encouraging sight and pushed the bundle closer to reality. He did state that they are not producing a box with both devices in it right now. However, “We could probably change our mind in the morning and still have it ready for launch, to be honest, so it’s not a big decision. It’s not a hard thing to do.”

He’s talking a bundle put together by Sony. Any of their retail partners could out something together as a soft bundle at their own discretion. Gara says they would support them if any of them wanted to package the systems or games together with the PS4 and help them make that happen.

The PlayStation 4 is coming to store shelves on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe.