PS4 PES using FOX engine to create “a surprising football game able to reflect emotion”

The first thing to make clear is that PES won’t just be using the engine wholesale. “We are not using the FOX Engine,” says marketing producer Manorito Hosoda. “We’re just sharing the fundamental part of it with Kojima Productions. We have to tailor the engine specifically for football games.”

But while it might not bring us the ability to snap John Terry’s neck, it should enhance our virtual footballing experience in other ways. “Having that engine we are sure that we’ll be able to create a surprising football game – for instance we may be able to reflect the user’s emotion in the game.”

And that, for the team tasked with taking Pro Evolution Soccer back to the top, is vital. “The ultimate goal is perfect realism, but if we create such a game the controls will be too difficult. In order to have realism and entertainment elements, our goal will be to link users’ emotions with the in-game players’ emotions. We’d like to link user emotion with every aspect in the game,” says Hosoda.