PS4 laptop

A while ago now an amazing modder miraculously turned an Xbox One into a portable laptop called the Xbook, and now he has turned the PS4 into a laptop that you can take with you where ever you go.

The “Playbook” will cost you $1395 if you want to get the PS4 console with it, but if you want to supply the PS4 you will get it for the slightly lower price of  $1095 . If you want to order it anywhere out of the US it will cost a considerable amount more.

If you decide you want to order one you will first have to place a $750 deposit to secure your Playbook because they are expected to be very popular. If you want to get a more powerful monitor you will be able to change the graphical ability but it will cost alot more. If you are at all worried about the Playbook malfunctioning it will come included with 30 day warranty.