PS4 Head Start on Xbox One Doesn’t Matter Says Sony

While Sony is certainly glad that they had a great opening salvo with their North American release of the PlayStation 4, they aren’t resting quite yet. Vice President of Marketing Jon Koller feels that staying ahead will be less about the early advantage than it is about messaging.

“I don’t think this week matters much. In the longer term it’s about the proposition. I don’t know if we’ve been at a point in gaming where there’s been a bigger difference between the two main competitors.

“They’ve been very public with their strategy and we’ve been very public with the opportunity we see in standing for gamers and for games. That’s born of a device created by Mark Cerny, a gamer himself, and going to game developers to find out what would make the best gaming device ever made. The best graphics and the best overall experience. That’s most important to us.”

In the previous generation, Sony released a year later and much, much more expensive. But after some major adjustments and better marketing the PlayStation 3 managed to pull ahead in overall lifetime sales against the Xbox 360.

(via GamesBeat)