PS4 Has Great Potential & Bright Future, Says Dev

During an interview with CEO Peter Nagy, he informed Worldsfactory that the PS4 has alot of potential with a bright future. With their upcoming title Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition that will land for for the PS4 in the next few days, developer Games Farm praised the PS4 despite not being able to reach the “gold standard” for consoles of 1080p at 60 fps as this is their first game for PS4

PS4 is great to work with. There are tremendous improvements compared to previous generations of the consoles in all aspects of development and performance. We are still fairly new to this platform, but the platform has a great potential and bright future indeed. Game is not running at 1080p@60fps as this is our first game on PS4, our schedule was quite tight and we much focused on the new PS4 features. However, decent performance was achieved even compared to PC version…
And yes, we use some of PS4 specific features – head tracking for cockpit camera control for example, also DualShock4 specific features – lightbar, speaker to increase the authenticity of the gameplay experience.

When asked about the Xbox One lack potential, Nagy informed them, its likely a tied to the platform’s success.

There isn’t any specific reasokn – but no decision was made on XBOX One support yet. This is however more question towards the sales department of bitComposer. I think such support greatly depends on the feedback of the players and XBOX success – especially the feedback is hard to predict

It’s goo to know the developers can freely speak their mind and express out the difference between the two machines. Moreover the PS4 is gradually in the lead. But believe the  Xbox one will grows somehow.