PlayStation 4’s performance has ‘surprised’ David Cage.

Quantic Dream’s CEO, David Cage, who is the force behind games like ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Beyond: Two Souls ‘ has revealed how amazed he is by the performance of PlayStation 4.

In an interview by JeuxVideo, Cage explained how impressive PS4 hardware is, since his studio has started working on it for over a year.

“The Playstation 4 is a machine on which we’ve been working for a little more than a year now, at Quantic. Honestly, the machine surprised us. We obviously knew that it would be much more powerful than a Playstation 3 and we were going to be able to do things that were impossible before. But now, really, the machine – on the first attempt, on this Dark Sorcerer demo – on which we worked quickly – gave us a level of quality that we didn’t expect. See, it’s a truly HD picture, it’s truly anti-aliasing, a picture that’s extremely stable, extremely fixed, and, more importantly, it throws polygons everywhere, there’s a rendering quality that’s rather unexpected and I think we’re really at the early stages. “, Cage explained.

“I think people will be very surprised by the quality of the console and to what extent it will be a progress compared to the Playstation 3. One of the biggest differences between the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4 is that Playstation 3 was quite arid in terms of accessibility for the programmers. It’s an architecture that was quite uncommon so it took quite some time for developers to really be able to use all the power of the console.”

A new game for PS4 is currently in production at Quantic Dream and the team has already exhibited the power of PS4 with their stunning demo of ‘The Dark Sorcerer’.