PlayStation 4 Sales In Japan Are “Okay”

The PlayStation 4 is out worldwide and the console had some very strong sales. Some regions are still having a tough time keeping up with the demand for PlayStation 4 consoles. However, within Japan, the sales are just going just okay according to PlayStation head, Andrew House.

During the Develop Conference within Europe, PlayStation head talked with Eurogamer and revealed that the Sony PlayStation 4 console is not seeing the big sales like other regions. The reason being is that developers and publishers are not developing enough content for Japanese gamers.

Currently the PlayStation 4 has managed to sell over 7 million consoles worldwide. Only 620,000 of those units are from Japanese consumers.

We’re conscious of the fact we have not had yet the sort of groundswell of Japan native content from Japanese publishers and developers,” House said. “I view that as temporary.

However, it was also revealed that the lack of video game content for Japanese gamers are not the only factor playing in for small sales. Andrew House also stated that media streaming services are not as big in Japan. Therefore the PS4 isn’t the most ideal system right now but Andrew believes that it’s only temporary so it’s only time for the PS4 becomes a bigger hit.