Microsoft’s Unveils New Xbox 360 Design and Better XBL Membership

To support their Xbox 360, Microsoft announced a new version going on sale today. The console is said to be similar to the design of the Xbox One, it is sleeker, smaller, and even quieter.

It is cool that they are supporting their current console, but this came as a surprise because the Xbox 360 already had a slim version, and their next-gen console is coming out this November. The price of the console is going to be $200 for 4 GB model, $300 for 250GB, and $300 for a 4GB Kinect Bundle.

Starting July 1st, Microsoft is rewarding their Xbox Live Gold Members by giving them two free downloadable games every month till the Xbox One is released. The first two games are Halo 3 and Assassins Creed 2.

This plan is intended to reel in more users to sign up for a Gold Membership. What better way to get more people to buy a higher costing membership, by offering them games that were popular many years ago.

The promotion will be available to current and new Xbox Live Gold Members. It will be simple to transition the membership from the Xbox 360 to the upcoming Xbox One.