Microsoft sponsoring E3 Games on Amazon

We published a report earlier today which claimed that pre-orders for the Xbox One was leading the pre-orders for PlayStation 4 on popular online retailer Amazon. However, things have got a little bit more interesting.

As can be seen from the picture below, Mircosoft is sponsoring E3 games on the website and now the claims made by the site becomes very misleading since they’ve published a report claiming the console which is actually ‘paying’ them to promote its product is leading at the moment.


This might be true, and the pre-orders for the Xbox One might indeed be leading the pre-orders of the PS4, however it still seems a bit more confusing now. One thing which is clear though, is the fact the Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make sure they can choke down Sony’s PlayStation 4 and is spending big bucks for doing so.

However, getting involved with such PR practices might not be of much use if they fail to deliver the goods where it matters the most. Via the products and services and the catalogue of software due out for its next-gen console. If that isn’t positive, no matter how much money it spends on promotion, it won’t help.

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