Man Makes Bot Watch 1,000 Hours Of ‘The Office’ – The Resulting Script Is Hilarious

The US Office is one of the few programs that went across to the states and actually did the original justice.

To many, the American adaptation is actually better than the original, which is a pretty big deal considering the popularity of Ricky Gervais’ spectacular creation.

Comedian Keaton Patti regularly shares made-up scripts that he says were produced by bots after watching endless hours of a program. We’re not fully convinced a bot does actually produce these scripts, but it doesn’t make them any less funny.

His latest script focuses on the US Office and it could be the best one yet. We’re big fans of Michael Scott’s line: “We sell paper. Paper is the hair of the tree. I just talked to the trees. They said they won’t give us more hair. This is bad. We sell paper.”


Keaton also put his script forward to NBC as an idea for the long-awaited Office reunion that we’re probably never going to get.

It wouldn’t be the worst idea?

Other ‘bot-produced’ scripts from the comedian, include used car commercials…


Bible stories…

College recruitment videos…

And Hallmark Christmas movies…