Infamous First Light review

Infamous First Light is a stand alone add on for Infamous Second Son that revolves around Abigail Walker aka Fetch. It acts as a prequel to the original game by using flash backs and towards the end present day events. The flash backs play a very large part in this and are received whilst Abigail is held in the detention facility by the name of Curdan Cay. Despite the fact that in the main game we commandeered the neon ability it was evidently not as powerful as the person it originated from as we see in first light. It is undeniably satisfying playing as fetch with her incredible power and despite the fact we have used neon powers before this feels completely different.

Another big change in the melee combat,  is the edition of speed take downs, these function as her main attacks as unlike Delsin Abigail is not as strong therefor she uses speed to take down enemies. If you ever get into trouble whilst fighting, speed take down will surely get you out.

Another excellent edition to the game is the chase scenes, in these you will boost yourself through glowing rings to gain speed. If you prevail and catch the objects you will be awarded “skill points” to upgrade your powers. Since you will have already played the original game First Light can go on and you will start to lose interest in exploring the city, this is when the arena will come in handy. The arena is like a gladiator game mode in which you a pitted against deadly enemies whilst you are navigating your way through various obstacles. Unfortunately anyone who has already experienced Second Son will already know Abigail’s tragic story so it is not as amazing as it would be if you had never before experienced it. It also lacks the choice making mechanic which hurts the games replay value.


Despite the fact the story is based around Abigail and Brent, her relationship with him is very dull and lacks depth. Another issues the main antagonist who really isn’t all that bad and is just your run of the mill bad guy. However the games lowest point is the main scene and despite the fact it was brilliantly conveyed in the main game it lacks emotion and takes away form the story in First Light.

Despite the fact the game has it’s problems it is an excellent edition to the infamous universe and deserves recognition. It is amazing for a DLC an despite the fact the story elements lack feeling the gameplay and the game are undeniably amazing and it is great fun. The best part is it has a very low price for a standalone add on title.