Harry Potter comes to Minecraft

Back in 1997 nobody knew that a book about a small wizard would spawn such a beloved franchise. Yet since the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the franchise has gone on leaps and bounds andwhen it comes to the Harry Potter universe there’s just so much to see.

Over the years a huge amount of places have been described and shown through the various mediums that the franchise has been immortalised in. In the world of video games there have been many great appearances by Harry and his friends but now there is a way to explore the best sections of the universe in a slightly different way. Minecraft.

Image: harrypotter.wikia.com

A small group of dedicated fans, calling themselves The Floo Network, have built the best bits of the Harry Potter universe in Minecraft. The project has taken several years to get to where it is and it looks so fantastic that even Voldermort would find it impossible not to smile at it. What’s even better is it’s available for absolutely free!

The project, imaginatively called Harry Potter in Minecraft, includes all of the iconic locations Harry Potter fans would want see. Obviously the likes of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley make an appearance but there’s also places such as Hogsmeade and Gringott’s Bank. No detail has been spared, with the Hogwarts Qudditich pitch having its flags and Privet Drive even having Dursley written outside of the Dursley’s house.

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Real life locations aren’t excluded either, with numerous places that appeared in the Harry Potter universe making an appearance, such as London King’s Cross railway station.

You’ll be able to travel to all of these locations by using apparition and, of course, the floo network. A hub world allows you to find a range of fireplaces that will transport to wherever you want to go instantly.

When you’re there you can stroll about as your leisure and interact with a huge amount of things. There is a catch to this fantastic sounding mod though.
If you are looking to play this on console or the pocket edition you will unfortunately not be able to. It only works on Java Minecraft version 1.12 or newer.

If Harry Potter in Minecraft is something that you think you’ll want to try then downloading it couldn’t be easier. Simply head over to Planet Minecraft by clicking the link here to find out how to install it.

Although it is free you can choose to donate to the project whilst downloading, to show your support for the development team. If you would like to get a closer look at Harry Potter in Minecraft then check out the video below, where we get up close and personal, showing off everything mentioned in the article and more.