Grand Theft Auto 5 Sold 33 Million Copies

Rockstar’s bread and butterĀ Grand Theft Auto V has made the development team very happy as they announced the game has sold over 33 million copies for the financial year.

Grand Theft Auto 5 broke a number of records since its launch. The most notable one being the biggest media launch ever. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 managed to make $1 billion in the span of just three days topping any media launch in history including big name artists albums, novels and even blockbuster movies.

Today Rockstar has announced that a total of 33 million copies have been sold for the financial year. With the amount of updates the game receives which adds content ranging from vehicles, weapons, clothing and more , it’s no wonder that the game continues to sell very well.

With E3 approaching in just a month, we may finally get news of a Grand Theft Auto 5 video game launch for the PlayStation 4. As always, we’ll keep you updated with the latest details right here on PlayStation Gang.