Game4U starts selling Steam Wallet Codes for Indian Gamers

Being a gamer residing in India myself, I remember the anguish I had to face when Valve’s digital distribution service held their year-end Holiday sales.

The reason? Because I wasn’t able to purchase any of its amazing deals as I didn’t have a credit card myself and the service required you to have a working credit card, something which, as a youth in India, I didn’t have.

Although that scenario’s changed now for myself, but I can imagine a lot of young guys still facing the issue. However, we have some news which is going to bring a smile on the faces of many young Indian gamers.

India’s leading digital retailer of videogames, Game4U, has started selling pre-paid Steam wallet cards. This means, you can purchase these codes through the Game4U website and then redeem them on Steam, allowing you to spend the money on purchasing games through the service.

Game4U will accept pretty much all traditional payment methods and your friendly debit card will work now, even though not on Steam, but at least on Game4U. Here’s how you can ensure you don’t miss out on those amazing deals anymore –

  1. Add a Steam Wallet Code to your cart on Proceed to Checkout.
  2. Once the payment is made, you will find the code in ‘My account’ under ‘Downloads’
  3. To redeem the Code, click on ’Redeem a Steam Wallet code’ under the ‘Games’ option in the Steam client
  4. Enter the Steam Wallet Code to add funds to your Steam Wallets.

The retailer will be selling wallet codes in the following formats –  $10 (Rs 799), $25 (Rs 1,999) and $50 (Rs 3,799). You no longer have an excuse not to splurge on the sales.