Gabe Newell on Xbox One – “It’ll take a while for them to catch up”

Valve’s CES conference in Las Vegas yesterday had one interesting moment of laughter when the managing director of Valve Corporation, Gabe Newell replied to a dodgy question from one curious audience member.

Question from the audience at a Valve CES presentation: Microsoft just announced 3 million units of xbox one were sold at launch for the last three months, can you hit that target by the end of the year? Can you do 3 million units?

Newell: Well, it’d take a while for them to catch up. I mean, we’re at 65 million.

(Huge laugh from the crowd)

Part of why we think that this is the right direction to go in is that we can benefit from everything that people have already done. If I buy a game on Steam and am running it on Windows, I can go to one of the Steam Machines and I already have the game. So the benefit as a developer, you benefit as a consumer, having that PC experience extended into the living room.

Newell mocking Microsoft even though Steam has a user base on Windows PC! Well that’s one steamy competition to look forward to in the near future, what say? Share your thoughts below.