The First Images Of The N64 Mini Could Have Just Leaked

Nintendo is said to be releasing a miniature version of the classic 1990s console, the Nintendo 64 and we may have just been shown the first pictures of the console.

Rumours of its release had been circulating for a while, and it seems Nintendo has since patented the name of the mini console, suggesting that yes – it really and truly will be happening.

Pictures of the supposed console have appeared on Twitter, before making their way to Reddit, and it’s gotten fans pretty damn hyped.

No-one’s really sure if the leaked images are real, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

“They’re not the sort of photo that would ever leak out. It looks like marketing material as opposed to a sneaky photo, but if that were the case it wouldn’t be so oddly cropped. If it was just sneaky photos it wouldn’t have those weird angles. Those are pretty much the only options with leaks,” wrote one Reddit user.

On Twitter, people were a little more hopeful, with one person tweeting: “Based on the mini snes controller ports, looks legit to me!”

What do you think of the pictures? Real or fake?

It’s a great time to be a 1990s gamer right now, as Sony recently announced it’ll be released a mini version of the PlayStation One.

Taking a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, the mini console will come pre-loaded with 20 games, but only a handful have been revealed so far. 

Sony has announced the games list will include Final Fantasy® VIIJumping Flash!R4 RIDGE RACER TYPE 4Tekken 3 and Wild Arms, but fans are clamouring for their absolute favourite titles *ahem* Silent Hill.

Are you excited for the PlayStation One Mini?