First Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer details, screenshots


Treyarch finally provided the answered for the   multiplayer project’s aspect.

All the answer ou need for  your question about Multiplayer are down below

– New depth to character customization
– Retooled reward system
– New loadout system
– This has a cleaner interface
– Attachments are shown side by side
– Guns rotate on a carousel menu
– The team doesn’t want players having to go through unnecessary menus
– “Pick 10″: Treyarch’s internal nickname for the customization system
– Previously you had to take items into battle “whether you cared for them or didn’t care for them, whether you used them or didn’t.”
– Maximum of 10 slots can be filled for each of your class loadouts
– If you don’t use secondary firearms, simply remove it from your set and replace it with a perk, grenade, or attachment
– Can sacrifice a perk or tactical item for a Wild Card
– With these, you can double the amount of frag grenades you spawn with, add a second primary weapon to your loadout, or take additional perks
– Possible to skip guns completely, equip three perk-centric Wild Cards, and go into each match with six perks
– Treyarch made board games to determine how the loadout system would function, what the possibilities were, and to define its new open-ended philosophy
– This happened before any code was written for Black Ops II
– Doing this allowed Treyarch to destroy and rebuild the rigid class customization of previous entries, while identifying issues that needed solving
– Pick 10 lets you focus on what works and reject what doesn’t
– You’ll want to use whatever scores you the most points
– Points are the new focus
– Kill Streaks are gone
– Score Streaks are in
– Earn streak bonuses depending on what you do overall rather than consecutive kills
– Kills still play a factor, but you’re now encouraged to play as a team and play carefully
– Black Ops II incentivizes players going for objectives rather than kills
– Ex: Scoring a headshot gives you less points than scoring a flag or control-point capture
– Klling while carrying the flag doubles the points you earn
– This fills your Score Streak meter much faster
– When you cross the point threshold of your equipped streaks, you unlock access and unleash
– Each streak has a numerical value
– Value ranges from low hundreds to the 1200 point range
– Need to repeatedly score to keep their streak bonuses in play
– Score streak ends if you die
– Each live matters even though you respawn
– COD Points currency system is gone
– Unlocks are gated off by rank
– Level up to get more
– When you Prestige at 55 and start again, you’ll still be unlocking new stuff