Final Fantasy XV new information

Today Hajime Tabata the creative mind behind Final Fantasy has revealed some very interesting information about the next installment.

When we were showed the E3 2013 demo it was still running on the prototype engine. However the combat mechanics remain the same but have been implemented into other parts of the game to. The TGS gameplay was on the new and improved engine and the development team is still working on transferring the mechanics. In an interview he said that he wanted people to see the game in its true environment as soon as possible.

He also added that there will be parkour mechanics mixed with the fighting mechsnics. He also metioned that you will be unable to switch characters here is what he said “Not in its current specifications. Everyone on the development team thoroughly looked into an Active Cross Battle system that made free use of attack, guard, and co-op functions, but as a result they arrived at the conclusion that changing characters would be too difficult,