Fan Remake of Metal Gear Approved With Konami

There’s a ton of great video game titles that we would honestly love to revisit in an HD remake. Fans have often times went ahead and started production on several remakes of their favorite video games from their youth. One new remake for Metal Gear has been given a green light from Konami.

When it comes to remakes of fan made video games, there’s a sometimes scary process of wondering if you’re video game title will ever see the light of the day. Most often, IP owners will deliver a cease-and-desist letter halting all development and ultimately canceling the project. That’s not the case for the upcoming fan made Metal Gear title.

Fan development team known as Outer Heaven has announced that Konami has allowed the development of the first Metal Gear title remake. This of course comes with a few conditions mostly being that the development team cannot make any money off the project.

Apparently, Konami has also told the fan developers from Outer Heaven that if the project turns out well and gains popularity from other fans, other possibilities in the future may be open up to them. As of right now, the development team is looking for other developers and staff members to join in on the production team. More information on Outer Heaven and the fan made Metal Gear remake can be found here.