E3 2014 Available in Cinemas

Stuck at home, stuck at work, stuck with the girlfriend? Never fear!
Gamers who are having hysterics over missing this years E3 press conference will undoubtedly be comforted by the fact that E3 are broadcasting their press conference in cinemas all across America!

E3 have released exciting news for fans who feared that they wouldn’t be able to make it to this year’s E3, which looks to be the best and the brightest of tomorrow’s gaming. The exciting new is as follows:
On the 9/06/2014 E3 will broadcast it’s press conference to multiple cinemas across America. Host Geoff Keighley will team up with PlayStation to give our fans (what they’re calling) a HD simulcast of PlayStation’s E3 press conference. So what’s in it for our loyal fans who will trek out to see the press conference?

You’ll see thirty minutes of exclusive footage, from exclusive gameplay and press interviews with the biggest and most famous game developers! And by the by, PlayStation hinted that there will be gifts, freebies and much, much more. So ditch your work, girlfriend and other unnecessary commitments and come on down. Or bring them, we’re not going to stop you as it’s more the merrier!  It’s free as well however space is scarce so first come first serve. Needless to say it’s got everyone at PlayStation very, very, excited. So how do you sign up for this gamers wet dream? It’s easy: Visit this link below!


The list of epic cinemas that will be showing this fine display can be found online at fellow PlayStation site: 


To those unlucky few who can’t make or the journey to one of these cinemas, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to watch the conference from the comfort of home on your smart phone or computer, at www.Playstation.com