Dr DisRespect Sends Bulletproof Vest To Streamer After They Beat His Challenge

Dr DisRespect honoured his Scump challenge, after the former COD pro smashed his Call of Duty Vanguard challenge last month.

Streamers love a bit of friendly competition. Just in the last couple of weeks, Dr DisRespect launched a hilarious thumbnail war with TimTheTatman. However, this wasn’t the first the two-time had issues out some sort of challenge. Last month during the Call of Duty Vanguard beta, the Doc challenged Scump. And of course Scump smashed it.

Flash forward a month later, and Dr DisRespect honoured his Scump challenge. And Scump got a sick collectible to hang up on the wall out of it.

Credit: Twitter


Last month, Doc challenge Scump while he was on stream to get 25 kill streak on Vanguard. Scump was so ready for the challenge he didn’t even need a full match to achieve it. In fact, he had smashed Doc challenge within 10 minutes. As a prize, Dr DisRespect sent out a signed framed bullet-proof vest – part of Doc’s signature look.

Credit: OpTic Scump

In a recent video posted to Scump’s Twitter, the two-time Call of Duty World champion finally received his prize. Scump took a while to unwrap the package, as Doc made sure the precious goods were protected. However, as soon as the vest was unwrapped, Scump got right to dissing the Doc’s challenge. He said:

Thank you very much to the Doc for issuing the challenge. I wish he would have made it more of a challenge. Because that was just too easy Doc.

Scump certainly made light work of the challenge. Scump said he would get right to hanging the prize up. It serves as yet another trophy to add to his collection.

Would you love to win a Dr DisRespect signed bullet-proof vest like Scump did? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: OpTic Scump/PCMag