Disney Infinity Is Going To Be Big

The success of Activision’s Skylanders has made other companies take notice. Disney has decided it is time to release Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity will be a lot like Skylanders, with the characters, playsets, levels, and of course portals and action figures. Is there room in the gaming market for two similar ideas? We thinks so, and this is the perfect time for Disney to take some of the market share.

Disney has a huge character library it can pull from — including Pixar —  giving them hundreds of characters to be put in the game. The rumors say this might also eventually include Star Wars and some Marvel elements. According to the CAGcast and a few other sources on the web the initial prices are as follows. The starter pack will be $75. Compare this to the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack which is which is $40-$50 on Amazon depending on the console. The Disney INFINITY comes with a playset token for 3 adventures, the game, the portal, and three figures. The company claims the playsets will have around 20 hours of gameplay not including the Toy Box mode which is an open environment sandbox game.

Interested gamers can also pick up the expansion packs for Disney Infinity for $34.99. This includes two figures and another play set. The figures will sell for $12.99 by themselves. The game will also have power up packs known as power discs, these will be $4.99. According to Wired.com, by the launch date in June there will be 17 characters, 3 play sets and 20 power discs. Skylanders character expansion such as theSkylanders Spyro’s Adventure Pack is around $20 or less for 3 new figures.

Here are a few things to consider. The rumor is the playsets for Disney Infinity will only work with certain characters. If this is true, this is a great marketing move: put out new characters and force people to buy new playsets. The power discs pack are just there to serve the purpose of taking people’s money. Will the game sell? I am sure it will and like Skylanders I imagine there will be kiosks set up in stores.  No doubt this product will be successful, it is using well known franchise characters that children can recognize and once their friends have it, look out. As a parent it sounds like you’ll be paying $75 to get started and the costs only go up from there.