Details Finally Released For Planned BioShock PS Vita Game

If you can recall E3 2011, you might remember the BioShock video game said to be released for the PS Vita. This was an amazing announcement, even though there was no gameplay, screenshots or details, a BioShock title was going to make its own debut on the Sony handheld system. Fast forward to today. Irrational Games is no longer a development studio, 2K Games owns the rights to BioShock and there has yet to be any update on the video game. Most deem the title as cancelled but we’re finally getting word as to what Ken Levine had in mind for the title.

Head of Irrational Games and creator of BioShock, Ken Levine finally opened up to what he originally had in mind for the PS Vita title. The news came in form of tweets so only little bits of information was released.

BioShock for the PS Vita was set pre-rapture and slightly odd enough, it was set to play out like Final Fantasy Tactics. The game was being built for the PS Vita so everything would have worked nicely and nothing would be compromised.

No screenshots or gameplay has been released and it’s unknown if Irrational Games had started development at all for the video game title. For now, 2K Games own the rights for BioShock so it’s up to the development studio to pick up on this idea or start something new.