Dead Space 3 Review – A Chilling Ride

Dead Space 3 is no doubt the finest chapter in the series. For the first time it felt like Dead Space again. EA has experimented with Dead Space 3, making it more action-oriented, a move which might have upset a lot of the series fans. However, does it work on its favor? Let’s find out.

The Adventure

The epic adventure of Dead Space 3 once again illustrates around Isaac. The game started with Isaac finding himself on Tau Volantis, which is a very unusual ice planet. This time he has a crew with him that will help him confront this deadly cult in his trail.


Anyway, the game revolves around the angle where Isaac became heartbroken and gloomy due to his lost love. Ellie, his ex that happen to have a relationship with a different character which build a love triangle side story.

To begin with, the adventure take place where Isaac and his friends search for Ellie but  during his search he finds himself in a mission were the future of humanity is at risk. In order to save mankind Isaac Clarke will travel to Tau Volantis.

When Isaac reaches his destination  known as Tau Volantis, he has to go against all scum creatures known as the Necromorphs.  These repugnant monstrous creatures looks very horrific but Isaac is equipped with  his crafting system weapon (we recommend you to have less ammo if you are being particularly critical)  to shred the Necromorphs to pop off.  The aspect  and the action game play it’s quite similar  to the previous, it gave the game more survival  horror feel.


Dead Space 3 adventure it’s quite risky and  fun. The first 2 part give you the option to hunt where Dead Space 3 describe  as an incredible filthy horror. It’s not that scary but it felt like it need something more.

There’s also a lack variety of enemies, bosses is quiet limited ,the aspect level present could lift the lack of loss.

The Weapons


Weapon Crafting gives you several option that gives you the opportunity to attack enemies, solve puzzle etc. Not only that but it gives you the advantage to put a complex weapon together. You can collect multiple items to gradually develop yourself several parts and  make yourself a stronger weapon. This weapon will provide a lot of interesting new alternatives which makes the combat experience that much more delightful to carry out.

The co-op mode 

This mode gives you the opportunity to complete the adventure in cooperatives play mode to experience. Isaac Clarke and his other partner John  Carver, together they will support each other  throughout the game you must find the missions that’s meant to be played for the co-op. This mission mode is worth in co-op play and is about 60% of the story role for Carver.

Dead Space 3 is a thrilling chapter in the series but it felt like the game needed more Horror. The game delivered something that the first two did not have; the co-op play. Other than that ,Dead Space 3 is a worthy game . Even though it wasn’t that scary but  the innovation you will find are all positive. The game felt like  it’s more a shooter with horror element. Other than that the feature the game offers  throughout the world of Tau Volatntis is more satisfying than ever.

As fans we are very happy to let you know Dead Space 3 offers good game play, good visuals and sound system. This game is a must have for horror and series fans alike.

Rating – 3.5/5


  • Dead Space 3
  •  PlayStation 3
  • Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2013