Dead Island 2 gameplay impressions

In Dead Island 2 you can experience the beautiful sandy shores of California, and  proudly walk next to the iconic Hollywood sign whilst maiming, and decapitating hordes of the brain eating undead. Unfortunately since I have only seen a 9 minute section of the game it is quite restrictive.

The games co op is the biggest Dead Island has ever harbored, as once the game is released you will be able to play with up to 8 friends.  We saw gameplay of the tank who wielded both large melee weapons such as hammers and axes and guns such as SMG’s and Shotguns. The game, unlike the past two, doesn’t take itself seriously which I personally feel allows the game to drastically improve its world.

The game looks absolutely stunning and seems to deliver what the first CGI trailer promised. This seems to be an amazing improvment compared to the past two which was absolutely infested with bugs and terrible mechanics. Dead Island 2 will be released in the spring of 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One.