Canceled Bioshock Movie Concept Art Revealed

The Bioshock franchise is well known and highly recommended for a numbers of reasons. When we learned a few years back that a Bioshock film was in the works, we we’re excited to see this video game come to life on the big screen. However, the film hasn’t been smooth sailing since the announcement; in fact its current status is unknown. From the look of things, film studios are having a hard time taking the risk on this big budget film. Although, if you were wondering what the film was suppose to look like then you’ll be happy to know that Jim Martin has released the concept art on his personal website.

Jim Martin is the concept artist who was bringing the overall look and feel for the Bioshock movie. This artist would have been a great fit as Jim Martin worked on a number of big budget titles including The Matrix Reloaded, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, Captain America: The First Avenger and the list goes on.

Originally, the film was set to release in 2011 with director Gore Verbinski. It only took a year for Gore Verbinski to ultimately drop out of the film because the lack of agreement from Universal. The deal Verbinski was looking to achieve was a $200 million budget with an R-rating. Universal declined and was only willing to give $80 million with a PG-13 rating. The film was then headed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo but in 2012 the director also left the project.

You can view all the concept art Jim Martin has published on his personal website.