Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaked Information

Activision revealed the next-generation Call of Duty: Ghost  which will be on current gen and next-gen. The game was revealed May 1st with a live trailer featuring many characters with different mask and left everyone confuse.

A user name Drift0r on Youtube revealed some reliable good information that we all can expect in COD: Ghosts. One of the most pieces of information that was revealed by was that the upcoming Ghosts that the game  will feature  all-new world, all-new story and characters. Meaning the characters from MW series will not be return.

  • All-new world
  • All-new story
  • New characters
  • Game will be set in the future
  • Use current-generation weapons
  • Spawn countdowns will replace with “dynamic” spawning.( An example of “dynamic” spawning, you will be rappelling down from a helicopter at your respective spawn area.)

Finally, the game is developed on a new engine created by Infinity Ward and it will be on the next-generation consoles, the Playstation 4 and the next Xbox.