No More $90 PS4 Units As Walmart Changes Policy

There’s no doubt you’ve heard that several false Amazon sellers posting $90 PlayStation 4 units. Obviously these were fakes but a number of gamers managed to pick up legit PlayStation 4 consoles for just $90 which is beyond a good deal. These gamers scammed Walmart to price match the console from online and thus received a perfectly good unit. Don’t think you can jump on this scam as Walmart just changed their policy.

Essentially, Walmart released a press statement stating that the company will still take price matches but only from 30 major online retailers that does not include third-party vendors or marketplace sellers. This means, eBay and Amazon sellers will not be price matched. Additionally, the market you are trying to price match must have the items in-stock as well.

If you’re looking to get an incredible deal on a PlayStation 4 console unit then your best bet would be hitting the Black Friday holiday shopping spree that will undoubtedly hold a number of PlayStation 4 bundles and units that are in stock for a decent deal.