15 minutes of Dying Light Gameplay has been released

With Dying Light’s release date only 1 month away Techland, the developers for Dying Light have released a gameplay video that showcases the first 15 minutes of the game without the opening cutscene.

The video gives fans an insight into the viral outbreak the people trying to cure it, the survivors, and the main protagonist. First you encounter Dr Zere a man who has already created a suppresant for the virus and is now working towards a cure. Then there is Spike who seems to be the leader of this band of survivors. He will be guiding you through this apocalyptic landscape and seems to be your companion for a large chunk of the game.

Then just as the video comes to a close you find out that you are a undercover agent for an unknown corporation. This will lead to plenty of speculation but we wont find out what this means until January 27th 2015 when the game releases for PS4, Xbox One , and PC.

YouTube video